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Friends and Buddies
Gay Porn Sitcom
Friends & Buddies™ is a gay porn series produced in a unique sitcom style
Storyline, recurring characters, love, humor and of course a lot of hot gay sex scenes. Follow the incredible adventures of a group of naughty boys as the episodes go by.
Gay Series
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is Friends & Buddies™ ?
Friends & Buddies™ is a weekly gay porn series produced in a unique sitcom style with a real storyline, cast of recurring characters, humor, love, conflicts and of course, lots of hot gay sex scenes.

Launched in February 2013, Friends & Buddies™ is an original creation by Antoine Lebel from France produced in the USA by Victor Cody. The series follows the incredible adventures of two brothers, Rick and Zack, and their group of young and naughty friends.

The cast is mainly focused on 18 - 28 years old boys with a mix of newcomers playing for the first time and renowned porn actors such as Elijah White, Orlando Dawson, Isaac Conn, Cameron Kincade and more.

The cast evolves over the episodes as we never stop shooting the series. We are always looking for new talent. Feel free to apply, if you want to get a role on Friends & Buddies™ .

If you've not done it yet, we invite you to watch the free trailer and go through the photo gallery. Feel free to share with your friends and to make Friends & Buddies™ your new weekly rendez-vous !
What do you call an episode?
Each episode is about 25 minutes long, starts with a short summary of the previous one and contains, in addition to dialogs and other series events, one or two hot gay sex scenes. These may be solos, duos, threeways, orgies, or sextoys. Each episode has an original soundtrack and is built with a dynamic rhythm of overlapping stories.
Which methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major US and international credit cards for the payment through our secure billing partner.
What company will I be billed by?
Your credit card will be discreetly charged.
Is your service anonymous and safe?
Yes. It's very important to us to protect your personal information. Moreover, we don’t store any payment details in our platform in order to preserve the safety of your data.

Only our secure billing partner is authorized to collect and store your payment data. To preserve your discretion, any word in relation with the adult content of our website will never appear on your credit card statement.

We support the rights of adults to explore entertainment and sexuality on the Internet in a private and secure environment. As a visitor of friends-buddies.com, you will have peace of mind knowing that any information you share privately with us will be kept strictly confidential. If information is collected from you, the information will only be used to provide the products and services you've requested, to provide customer service, or to share news about our service offerings.
Do I need to be a member to use this site?
In order to follow the series, download our videos and photos, you need to register and subscribe to a membership plan from our join page.
In which formats are your videos?
All of our videos are available in Full HD 1080 (1920 x 1080 pixels encoded at 4kbps) for a stunning quality.
We also offer HD 720p quality especially optimized for mobile devices (laptop, tablet, phones...).
Can I download the videos?
Yes, we give our members full download access to the videos without DRM. You are free to watch our series on your computer, TV or mobile device, but you have to make sure to keep it strictly for your own personal use. We work with a specialized company (PornGuardian) to monitor illegal sharing of our content and in the event of disrespecting our copyright and ownership terms, you expose yourself to lawsuits and paying indemnities.
Do you provide real photos or only screenshots?
We provide both. You can download thousands of HQ photos taken by our photographers in addition to the videos' screenshots. The photo gallery is updated on a daily basis.
Do you offer bonus content also?
Yes, we try to add a maximum of bonus content, making-of and interviews to show you the backstage of the series.
How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your paid membership at anytime please visit our billing partner website.
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