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Friends and Buddies
Gay Porn Sitcom
Friends & Buddies™ is a

gay porn series

made in an original sitcom style


, story line, love, humor and hardcore

gay sex

scenes. Follow the naughty adventures of a group of young


and cute boys, as the episodes go by.
Gay Sitcom
Gay Series - Main & recurring characters of the first season
Rick innocent cute twink
The innoncent twink
The cute and shy Rick just turned 18. He lives with his mom and his naughty big brother Zack. Still a virgin, Rick is just accepting that he is gay and is now thirsty to discover the sexual pleasures of being a hot twink.

Rick is secretly in love with his best friend Matthew, and never stops fantasising about him. See videos of Rick
Rick innocent cute twink
The naughty hunk
Zack is 24 years old, he's back at mom's place after a difficult break with his ex boyfriend and lives now with his little brother Rick. To get over his disappointment, he decided to live his life like nothing had happened without any more love or relationships, totally focused on sex and fun with other hot twinks.

Zack is a crazy guy without any limit in his fantasies. See videos of Zack
Rick innocent cute twink
The curious straight
The young and cute Matthew is the best friend of Rick. He claims to be straight and in love with his girlfriend. But over the episodes and the encounters he did, Matt begins to ask himself some question about his sexual orientation.

He's definitly tempted to try new experiences and Jeremy the new schoolboy will help him to reveal his real nature. See videos of Matthew
Rick innocent cute twink
The hot military
Brad is an old friend of Zack, engaged in the US navy. Just coming back to Florida from the war he meets Rick and Zack at the beach. The reunion is hot, and Brad is again the close friend of Zack sharing fun, boys and secrets.

Even if he looks a bit serious, Brad is however not shy and hot as hell. See videos of Brad
Rick innocent cute twink
The horny twink
Jeremy is 19 and joins the school class of Rick and Matthew. He immediately feels that Rick is gay and starts to pick him up in the classroom with a disarming smile.

Already very experienced and also attracted by the supposed straight Matt, Jeremy will try over the episodes to take both friends in some new kinky experiences. See videos of Jeremy
Rick innocent cute twink
The flamboyant seducer
The beautiful Steve is actually the boyfriend of Rick and Zack's mom, but the both brothers don't know him. He will met Zack by chance and the situation will become really ambigus. Steve has a complex personality and nobody really knows if he's honnest and which game he plays.

After a mysterious blackmailer threaten him, Steve will be forced to make a big choice.
See videos of Steve
Rick innocent cute twink
The twisted mind
Strong and masculine, Dan is a sex friend of Zack, but also a jealous and twisted person who will play a double game.

Dan is always hot and ready to have sex. He loves threesome and to fuck hard young twinks as Rick's friends. He's maybe not the one you believe at first view, be careful with this crazy character. See videos of Dan
Rick innocent cute twink
The good friend
Always smiling and hot, Derek has spent three years in Asia to study, and to have fun. He's just back in Florida and comes to visit his old buddy Zack. Surprised to see how Rick has grew during these years, and after having experienced smooth asian boys, he's now also interested in twinks.

Derek is attracted by the both brothers, and thanks to the destiny his dreams will become reality in a hot fourway. See videos of Derek
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