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Gay Series
Gay Series
Your new weekly gay porn series: love, conflicts, humor and a lot of sex
Hot sex scenes & group sex
Fresh faces & first time
Cute twinks & horny boys
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Storyline, love & humor
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Gay Series

Gay Series

: love, betrayal, fun, twinks & real sex
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Gay Sitcom
Rick's fantasizes about Matthew
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Zack, Dan and Jeremy in the hot tubs
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Rick and Zack teasing
Gay Series
A kinky gift for Brad
Gay stories
He's not my boyfriend
twink orgy
Friends & Buddies™ is a weekly gay series produced in a unique TV sitcom style with great humor, recurring characters, love, conflicts and real gay sex.

The series revolves around two brothers, naughty Zack and cute Rick and their band of horny friends, shy Matthew, twisted Dan, gorgeous Steve, kinky Jeremy, cool Brad and many more.

Created by Antoine Lebel from France and produced in the South of Florida by Victor Cody. The series was born out of a desire to provide an alternative to regular porn. The cast is a mix of new comers playing for the first time and etablished porn actors such as: Orlando Dawson, Isaac Conn, Elijah White, Cameron Kincade and more.
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#01 Boys Fantasies
Gay Boys
#02 Kinky experiences
Gay Stories
#03 A special gift
Gay twisted stories
#04 First time
Twink First Time
#05 Zack's party
Gay Sex Orgy
#06 Tomorrow morning
Gay After Party
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